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 New Money (aka: how to apply)

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New Money (aka: how to apply) Empty
PostSubject: New Money (aka: how to apply)   New Money (aka: how to apply) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2011 5:15 pm

This is the application form you will use to apply to The Aristocracy (henceforth referred to as tA) to join our guild as a whole and this website. Being a contributing member of our forums ie. this site is a very important part of guild membership.

Please register yourself for the website and then submit your application by making a new thread. It will then be reviewed by myself or someone else who I trust to do so. If you are accepted you will become a Commoner and get more access to our forums while being allowed certain permissions you are currently denied. Continual activity and the ability impress will grant you full membership or the Aristocrat rank. Follow this form exactly or you will be denied on the base principal of not being able to read.

--- FORM START ---




Class in TOR:

Computer Specs:

Connection Speed:

Experience in Competitive Video Games:


Dedication Level:

(Is there anything you would like to add to support your application? Write it here and delete this.)

--- FORM END ---

New Money (aka: how to apply) Pbucket
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New Money (aka: how to apply)
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