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 Recruitment Policies & News.

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Recruitment Policies & News. Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment Policies & News.   Recruitment Policies & News. Icon_minitimeFri Sep 19, 2008 4:07 pm

Recruitment Policies & News. Mascot


We are rolling on VOLKMAR. We ARE NOT MOVING to Magnus.

Recruitment Policies:

I have changed the way we do recruitment slightly in the past few days to accommodate for a smoother flow in a live game. People still need to post applications here on the forums and are still required to have a good chunk of past gaming experience. However, after they post said worthwhile apps they are almost guaranteed (that is, if we actually need the class they are applying for, if we don't, then no) to join our ranks as a pre-trial member. These are our pawns in the chess game of Warhammer, our fodder, our front line bullet catchers. In this stage of the process people need to prove their worth to us with every action. This is to ensure we end up with 4-5 extremely skilled members of each class.

Play your cards right and you get promoted to Commoner. Good Luck.


We have already been referred to by random people as "The Elitists" before the game was even released. This is the first step to ultimate win.


Looking for like minded guilds to form NATO.

Recruitment Policies & News. Pbucket
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Recruitment Policies & News.
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